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Membership is available for organizations and individuals. Members commit to advancing the CRC priority areas, meeting membership requirements, and collaborating with community partners around the state to improve the access to awareness of respite resources for caregivers across Colorado. 

Membership to this free network helps to increase the impact of respite work being done around the state by establishing a collective effort. The Colorado Respite Coalition collaborates with partners, community agencies, and other organizations to serve family caregivers of all ages and all special healthcare needs throughout Colorado.


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Colorado Respite Coalition Membership Benefits

  • Learn about new and existing resources for caregivers in your community
  • Share about your organization and network with other members
  • Stay up to date with CRC supports and activities
  • Apply for CRC respite care financial assistance (for families and organizations)
  • Build partnerships and connect with other member organizations
  • Be recognized as a member on and the Online Resource Finder
  • Promote your organization by being featured in monthly CRC e-newsletters


Colorado Respite Coalition Membership Expectations

  • Ensure that the CRC Priority Areas align with your/your organization's values and goals
  • Sign up for the CRC monthly e-newsletter
  • Attend at least one statewide and/or regional coalition meeting per year
  • Register applicable resources on the CRC Online Resource Finder
  • Collaborate with other community partners who represent a variety of ages and health care needs
  • Promote CRC resources within your networks, as appropriate


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To respond to the growing respite care needs of Colorado’s family caregivers, Easterseals Colorado is seeking applications from qualified entities currently providing respite services. Respite care provides family caregivers with a break from caregiving. Respite care can be provided in a home, at a center, or in the community. The key is that the caregiver must have the opportunity to leave and know their loved one is being cared for. This grant program supports services across the lifespan and health and disability spectrums and serves the entire state of Colorado.

This grant program is funded through Colorado State General Funds and is managed by Easterseals Colorado and the Colorado Department of Human Services, State Unit of Aging. The intent of these funds is to increase access to respite care options for family caregivers and to help agencies build the capacity to provide additional services. All funds are specified to be used to support families as a Payer of Last Resort (i.e., families who do not actively receive respite allocations through Medicaid waivers or other funds). Grant applicants must define how your agency will determine the populations most in need within its application.

Special Note: Easterseals Colorado also offers a separate Family Respite Voucher Program, where families can apply directly for financial assistance for respite services. Agencies can participate in both the voucher and grant program but cannot serve families simultaneously using both funding sources. If an agency is awarded a grant and actively participates in the voucher program, the agency must work with Easterseals Colorado to ensure proper allocation of funds and prevent duplication of families served during the grant period. To learn more about these programs, please visit


Any for-profit, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (including faith-based), or government entity is eligible to apply.

To qualify, the organization at a minimum:

£ Must be based in and provide services in the state of Colorado, to Colorado families.

£ Must be currently providing respite services including but not limited to adult day service, out-of-home, or in-home respite services to families of children or adults with special needs, foster families, and/or kinship caregivers. New programs are not eligible for funding.

£ Must conduct fingerprint-based background checks on all providers (staff and volunteers) supporting this grant through the CBI or equivalent. All background checks must be completed and reviewed before services can be provided. See page 9 for information.

£ Employers comply with C.R.S. § 26-3.1-111, which requires certain employers to obtain a CAPS check to determine if a person who will provide direct care to an at-risk adult is substantiated in a case of mistreatment of an at-risk adult. These employers must register with the CCU ( before they can request a CAPS check.

£ Must carry a Protected Information Insurance Policy or add policy during the grant period. Easterseals Colorado must review and verify prior to service provision.

£ Must be willing to accept a maximum reimbursement rate of $30.00 per hour of care.

£ Must be registered on as a respite provider at the time of application. If an organization is not on the Respite Locator, register at the link prior to submitting the application.

£ Must understand that funds are specified to provide respite services at low or no cost to families. If the agency plans to charge any amount to families, that amount must first be approved by Easterseals Colorado staff. Funds cannot under any circumstances be used for food or beverage.

£ Must utilize grant funds to support access to respite services. Indirect costs must not exceed 13% of the total amount requested.

Please ensure your organization meets all of the requirements above

prior to submitting an application. There are no exceptions.


The organization/agency will be awarded funds to support families in need of respite care. The organization/agency is not required to provide a match or in-kind donations, but it is encouraged when available to stretch the funds further. The organization/agency which receives funds must currently provide respite services. These funds cannot be used for startup programs or for brick-and-mortar. No funds may be used for food or beverages at any time.

· The anticipated award range is $5,000 - $35,000. Services must be provided by May 6, 2023.

Easterseals Colorado